Our History   ( LV )

Shipping Agency Company "Seatrans" Ltd was founded in October, 1991 as the first private shipping agency company in Latvia after collapse of the Soviet Union. The company was founded by Mr. Janis Legzdinsh who was the managing director in the Soviet ship's agency "Inflot" . Most of our staff came from this former Soviet agency thus providing the necessary know-how.

In 1994 we founded a branch in Liepaja port where it provided the services of ship's agency and cargo forwarding. The branch was closed at the end of 2003.

In the same year "Seatrans" became a member of National Association of Latvian Ship's Brokers and Agents the president of which presently is also our founder Mr. Janis Legzdinsh. The association protects the interests of ship's agencies and brokers in different governmental and other institutions in Latvia.

At the beginning the company's staff consisted of more that 20 people but by force of various circumstances the number of employees now has reduced to 7 persons.

Our new building

Since 1999 the managing director of "Seatrans" Ltd is Mr. Juris Legzdinsh - the son of Mr. Janis Legzdinsh. In January 1, 2001 we moved from the hired premises in 22/7 Dzintaru Str. to our newly built office building in 53 Pils Str.